We do not take deposits until puppies are whelped.
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Please make sure to read up on the breed before choosing one for your family! Great Pyrs have lots of quirks and might not be the perfect fit for your family!

 Puppy Deposit & Sales Agreement


On this date :___________________
Kim George (seller) has agreed to sell and the below named (Buyer) has agreed to buy one Great Pyrenees puppy for the purchase price named below, under the terms in this agreement and described as follows:

Puppy Being Sold
Description of puppy: _________________________________________
From litter: ________________________________________________
Sex of puppy: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________________
Whelp date: _______________________________________________

Name: Kim George
Mailing address: 

Name: ________________________________________________
Address: _______________________________________________
Phone: ________________________________________________

Purchase Price
The purchase price of the puppy is $_____________________.
Part of the purchase price will be paid immediately with this agreement as a deposit to guarantee that the Seller will hold the puppy for the Buyer for the specified date.
The balance due ($___________________) after crediting the deposit ($________________) will be paid in cash or cashiers check at the time of pickup.
Deposit in the amount of ($__________________) is required to hold this puppy until the date of pickup.
There is no refund on deposits unless otherwise agreed here in writing. Failure of the buyer to complete this purchase would subject the Seller to lost opportunities to sell the puppy to another buyer and retention is the deposit is for compensation to the Seller for the possible loss. This deposit signifies the intent on the part of the Buyer to follow thru with the purchase of this puppy. The Seller reserves the right to void this transaction and refund the deposit if for any reason the Buyer might not be suitable for the puppy, (i.e. Buyer is found to be an animal abuser.) If the transaction is voided or if thru some tragic accident the puppy were to die or be seriously injured before going to its new home, deposit will be refunded in full unless the buyer wishes to apply deposit to another puppy if one is available.
Preferred deposit payment is by PayPal.com. My preferred method of payment is by cash or PayPal. If PayPal is selected the transaction will all be done as a secured transaction by PayPal.com. In the alternative, you can print out this agreement, sign it, enclose a cashier’s check for the deposit amount and mail it back. I will not reserve a puppy until the agreement is signed and payment has been received.

Pick up of Puppy
I do not ship puppies. This puppy will be available for pick up on _______________. This date is based on our estimation of when the puppy will be ready to leave its Mother typically 8 weeks. If the buyer is not able to pick up the puppy on the agreed date, I will be glad to continue caring for the puppy for a reasonable time, limited to 30 days unless otherwise arranged, but will add a charge of $2 per day for the boarding after the scheduled pick up date.

Health Guarantee
Seller will provide Buyer with a puppy that is clean, in good general health and that has no known physical defects. Deworming and first immunizations will have been completed and detailed in writing. It is generally recognized that intestinal parasites are common in puppies – I will make every effort to prevent parasites. Often, however the stress of change can cause them to emerge. Buyer agrees to continue parasite testing and treatment (if necessary) with their veterinarian. Buyer agrees that He/She will take their puppy to their veterinarian within 4 days of receiving the puppy for examination, testing for worms, treatment for worms (if needed). If the Buyers vet finds the puppy to be in poor health, the vet’s written description of the problems must be provided, dated within 4 days of the date the Buyer received their puppy. If a serious medical issue is found buyer will return the puppy to the breeder for a full refund. Failure to have the puppy examined by a vet within the 4 days of the purchase will void this health guarantee.

Right of Recovery or Placement
Should the Buyer find themselves unexpectedly in a circumstance where death or other loss prevents them from being able to properly care for the puppy. Buyer agrees that the seller will be contacted first and given first rights to the puppy. Buyer agrees that the puppy will not under any circumstances be placed in a dog pound or rescue center.

Buyer Signature: ______________________________________

Sellers Signature: _______________________________________
Kim George